TIBCO Loyalty Lab 12.3 release enhances real-time marketing offers and increases value and convenience for shoppers

We’re proud to announce an exciting update to our unified loyalty platform that allows enhanced real-time marketing offer targeting and qualification capabilities. In response to the feedback we’ve received for more precise and relevant targeting that helps real-time marketers learn more about each customer while providing those customers a more relevant and convenient shopping experience, Loyalty Lab released 12.3, available to all existing and future clients.

Capabilities include:

  • Real-time API enhancements
  • Basket profiles and targeting
  • Brand targeting and qualification

We’ve worked to make implementation as simple as possible. Read on to learn more about each of these real-time marketing improvements.

Real-Time API Enhancements

Real-time marketers can now ensure real-time processing of threshold point calculations and reward issuance, so customers can access benefits as soon as they are accrued. Transactions are sent in real-time from a store’s POS system to TIBCO Loyalty Lab Reward and evaluated. The POS system instantly receives a response with any points, rewards or certificates earned as a result of the transaction. The customer then receives a receipt with their current points balance and rewards earned, and can access their benefits right away ­­– online, in-store or via their mobile phones.

Basket Profiles and Targeting

This latest real-time marketing update also gives marketers greater control over which customer transactions qualify for a reward through pre-defined conditions.

Marketers can set up shopping basket profiles with conditions based on specific tender types used or minimum quantity of items purchased. For example, an offer can be created within the Loyalty Lab Reward platform which establishes that all members making three purchases of a specific brand with an AMEX card will be issued a $20 rebate.

This gives marketers more control over conditions based on the contents of customers’ baskets. Targeting can also require or exclude specific products or brands, in addition to product categories.

Brand Targeting & Qualification

Now, marketers can also more effectively target customers and qualify offers based on brand purchases, right down to individual products. We designed this enhancement to offer more granular targeting and extra control. Real-time marketers can leverage this capability for cross-category selling, which is extremely useful for new product introductions.

For example, an established beauty brand has launched a new lipstick. They can create an offer that awards a coupon for 5% off the purchase of this lipstick, with the qualifier that customers must purchase any item in that brand family.

With these real-time marketing enhancements to the Loyalty Lab Reward platform, the possibilities are endless for marketers looking to extend relevant offers to their customers. Contact us to learn more.

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