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What’s Better Than Loyalty and E-Commerce Seamlessly Integrated?

By Jeanne Roué-Taylor

The enormous movement to real-time customer engagement is enhancing transactional relationships and increasing the lifetime value of customers. Accomplishing this move requires a fair amount of integration of data and systems. Doing the integration all by yourself is hard and unnecessary—especially now that TIBCO Loyalty Lab and Demandware have teamed up to make life much easier for customers.

The Team

TIBCO Loyalty Lab and Demandware provide an easy way for you to:

  • Deliver personalized offers in real time
  • Enroll new members directly within your storefront
  • Segment and target customers by unique attributes
  • Surface transaction and customer profile data to understand customer purchase behaviors and patterns
  • Enable customers to refer friends, access point balances, view reward activity, and much more

Each one of these capabilities is an essential part of turning your customers into fans. The fact that TIBCO Loyalty Lab and Demandware make it seamless and cost-effective is great news.

In this on-demand webinar, TIBCO’s Brooke Pedersen presents the TIBCO Loyalty Lab Link Cartridge for Demandware Commerce. Brooke walks us through how easy it is to launch an omni-channel engagement program directly from within the Demandware e-commerce platform, while saving effort and cost in the process. Watch it and learn how to turn your purely transactional customers into fans of your brand.

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