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Orchard Supply Hardware and TIBCO on How to Localize Customer Loyalty

By Jeanne Roué-Taylor

Big-box stores are everywhere these days. While these giant retail locations offer massive floor space and an even larger parking lot, they come with distance, traffic, and a surprising level of inconvenience for the local shopper. There’s certainly a place in the market for something a bit more local and a lot more convenient. Orchard Supply Hardware suits that market need perfectly with mid-sized stores that offer something far more local and personal. Its goal is to create strong customer loyalty and it competes against the giants in very smart ways.

CRMC 2014 and Localized Loyalty

This year’s Customer Relationship Management Conference (CRMC) kicks off this week at the Chicago Hilton and the agenda includes a Day 2 session with Orchard Supply Hardware’s Roxanne Joe, director of strategic marketing and analysis. Joe presents with David Rosen of TIBCO Loyalty Lab on the unique approach that Orchard Supply Hardware has taken to localize its customer loyalty.

Its local approach is an extension of its strong historical and local roots, dating back to the founding of Orchard Supply Hardware as a farmer’s co-op early in the 19th century in San Jose, California. Still today, customers know their store managers by name, and this desirable and profitable customer segment is a high-value target of Orchard Supply Hardware’s customer loyalty program.

Working with TIBCO Loyalty Lab, Orchard Supply Hardware’s customer loyalty program is tuned to identify its customer, visualize purchase patterns, segment its audience, and interact in timely and personally relevant ways that increase basket size, average order value, and, ultimately, customer lifetime value. For mid-sized retailers, customer loyalty is the path to level the playing field against the giants that can out-advertise and out-market, but can’t boast of the same connection to their customers.

Don’t miss TIBCO Loyalty Lab at CRMC!
Day 1, 11:30AM | Best Practices in Loyalty Marketing with Michael Greenberg
Day 2, 2:30PM | Orchard Supply – Neighbors Helping Neighbors

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