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We Need a New Approach to Customer Loyalty Programs

Let’s face it: There needs to be an entirely new approach to customer loyalty programs if brands are to survive the digital and mobile revolution. While many brands realize the urgency of change, the challenges they face are daunting. For starters, a modern customer loyalty program is far more than the “points and plastic” of the past. Those programs were entirely transactional and bred transactional behavior in customers. A modern customer loyalty program consumes far more contextual data about a customer and allows a far richer conversation between the customer and the brand.

But if it was as easy as understanding that, most brands would be more than ready. The fact is, there are obstacles to overcome on the road to real-time customer engagement that may be bigger than marketers realize.

The Challenges in Implementing a Customer Loyalty Platform

The first real problem comes with the way retail brands have been organized. Loyalty programs cut across many organizational boundaries and affect not just marketing, but IT, finance, and sales. Each part of the organization has legitimate concerns about how a broad-reaching program will affect their costs, goals, and internal perception.

The second problem arises from the need to convince executives. They sit at the top of the organization and have the power to mandate change, but are reluctant to do so without solid evidence that investment will have the anticipated returns.

Loyalty Lab JumpStart Program

This is the reason the TIBCO Loyalty Lab JumpStart Program is such a compelling way to find success with customer loyalty marketing. We’ve created a fast, affordable customer engagement platform that allows marketers to quickly gain insights through measurable program results. We’ve added enough functionality to make the Loyalty Lab JumpStart Program very quick and easy to set up, with a low month-to-month cost and minimal need for IT support, so that marketers can quickly make their case.

When the barriers to entry are low, the chance for quick success is much higher. A marketer can have just enough functionality to create tangible proof points that satisfy organizational stakeholders and align the broader business behind the customer loyalty initiative. Where else can you change the future so easily?

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