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Monetizing the Game by Turning Customers Into Fans

By Jeanne Roué-Taylor

Turning customers into fans is more than a catchy phrase; it’s the goal of every marketer to get beyond the next purchase and into the heart and head of the customer. The same rule applies for sports teams—it’s one thing to bring a customer to a game, but quite another to use technology to create an outstanding experience, win or lose. Whether the business is an NFL team like the Oakland Raiders or a grocery retailer, better experiences have a profound impact on loyalty and create far more revenue than traditional approaches.

Creating True Fandom Through Technology

In the case of the Raiders, TIBCO’s mobile apps draw fans closer by offering a more contextual real-time experience that draws on fan preferences and details of the games and the team. It allows fans to feel a level of participation that wasn’t possible before, and allows the team to compile important preference and interaction data.

The Principles Apply Everywhere

The same principles apply to any brand that sells a product, not just professional sports teams. By knowing what’s happening in the customer’s world and being responsive, brands pull fans closer and optimize their experiences. In the game, it might be a score; in the retail world, it could be reaching a status level or entering the website or brick and mortar store. As humans, we love to cheer for the things that define our life, be it a local team or the places we like to shop. Turning customers into fans is as simple as giving a customer a reason to feel appreciated and informed.

Are You Turning Customers Into Fans?

Marketing is changing thanks to technology that makes mobile and other data a key part of getting to know your customers, and giving them a much better experience—the kind that makes them fans.

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