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On the Third Day of Loyalty Marketing Nirvana: Ideate and Validate

You didn’t think you could achieve loyalty marketing nirvana without ideating, did you?

Thinking is exactly what we’re doing on Day 3 of loyalty marketing nirvana—ideating and validating for effective event-driven marketing.

Effective customer engagement is all about good, creative, and clever ideas. Start by brainstorming as many good ideas as you can, using the no-idea-is-a-bad-idea approach. Really stretch the imagination to create new initiatives. Then, think through execution.

The ideation process has nothing to do with your finance team (unless they have some good ideas, in which case they might be in the wrong department), however you may need validation from finance before proceeding further with new initiatives.

Once you have selected your best ideas, it’s a good idea to develop a rigorous business case to support them. This will help you achieve early commitment from your financial stakeholders we discussed in step one—organize and commit stakeholders. Remember that?

When you think of marketing ideas, your mind probably shifts to catchy slogans and compelling messages, which are needed in this scenario. But to be effective, you need to take it further. What are the events that occur in your customer’s life on either a regular or random basis? How can you deliver value to your customers during these events? Answering these questions will help you create the processes that allow you to consistently deliver contextual, valuable messages with ease.

Event-driven marketing is all about identifying these events and creating meaningful customer experiences to go along with them.

Here are a few strategies you can use to help you ideate and validate:

Strategy session – The goal here is multiple concepts. Start simple and then stretch each concept out into more detail.

Focus groups – Use focus groups to enrich your strategy session ideas and narrow them down to what really matters.

Quantitative research – This will help you select and set base expectations for your initiatives.

For example, The North Face leveraged qualitative research to validate whether to offer points or perks for its VIPeak loyalty program. No guesswork needed.

Do you have questions about the ideating and validating process for event-driven marketing? Tweet us @TIBCO using the hashtag #LoyaltyLab.

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