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An End to Pre-Holiday Shouting?

by Jeanne Roué-Taylor

I am a proud survivor of Black Friday 2013. It was the most impersonal, poorly thought through and aggressive Black Friday I’ve experienced yet.

When I say survived, I’m not referring to the competition for parking spaces, the crush of shoppers or the tough decisions of which bargain would be worth fighting for. I’m not a survivor of the long register lines. No, instead I survived the onslaught of impersonal Black Friday emails that filled every inbox of each email account I maintain.

Black Friday Specials End Tonight!

Sending an email is considered a relatively cheap form of marketing, which is why so many brands blast indiscriminately in an ever-louder effort to get our attention, killing their own effectiveness in the process. As the noise gets louder, what will be the plan for Black Friday 2014? Even more of the same?

I have a crazy idea: What if, as a marketer, instead of spamming every email in my database, I chose to put a focus on segmentation? What if I used that segmentation to define my playing field for interaction with customers so that I could then look at each homogeneous segment’s propensity to respond to interaction at different times, for different reasons, and across differing channels? What if, to cap it off, I created a culture of testing and learning what a sample of each segment actually does when I interact? What if I used those lessons to constantly improve my marketing effectiveness?

Analytics and Actionable Models

Why, then I would have an analytics platform with actionable models that a smart marketer could use to steadily increase the effectiveness of offers and build brand loyalty. I could distinguish myself from the crowd and build a base of loyal customers that know I respect their time and attention.

I could stop shouting and start engaging.

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