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The 12 Days of Christmas – Loyalty Lab Style

by Jeanne Roué-Taylor

With Black Friday behind us and Christmas just weeks away, retail establishments across the world are in their busiest time of the year. Are you maximizing the surge in holiday business? With that in mind, here’s our carol for you:

12 Days of Christmas, (Loyalty Lab style)

On the first day of Christmas, my system gave to me:
My customer’s undying loyalty.

On the second day of Christmas, my system gave to me:
2 mobile apps,
and my customer’s undying loyalty.

OK, OK, you get the point. Let’s just skip to the final tally:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my system gave to me:
12 million tweets a tweeting
11 market segments
10 systems talking
9 clever campaigns
8 real-time offers
7 million web hits
6 retired systems
5 ways to sell
4 million page likes
3 months of forecast
2 mobile apps
and my customer’s undying loyalty.

So even if you don’t get everything you want in your stocking, we at least hope your customers turn into fans ­­– and you become a marketing hero in 2013!
Happy Holidays from the Loyalty Lab team…

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  1. Great, now I have THAT bouncing around my head. Seriously, though, the idea of event-driven loyalty is fascinating and will change the shopping experience for goods and services.

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